Abscess Weighs Down Manuka

Manuka was recently referred to South Eastern Equine Hospital at Narre Warren North to investigate the cause for his weight loss over a period of around two months. Manuka had not been his usual happy self over this period of weight loss but showed no outward signs to help solve the mystery.

Manuka was examined by Dr Laura Nath (nee Fennell), our registered equine medical specialist, to further investigate the cause of weight loss. Fortunately for Manuka, with Laura’s expertise and our high quality ultrasound machine, an abscess the size of a netball within his abdomen was identified! This very large abscess can be seen CIRCLED on the ultrasound image from the 24th of March.

The best course of action for Manuka required drainage of this large abscess without causing contamination to the rest of the abdominal area. This difficult task was undertaken by Dr Robyn Charman at South Eastern Equine Hospital. Surgical drainage of the super-sized abscess was completed whilst Manuka was anaesthetised. During the surgical procedure, a special tube was stitched into Manuka’s abdomen to allow continued flushing of the contaminated cavity in the days that followed surgery.

Manuka remained at South Eastern Equine Hospital for 2 weeks receiving daily flushing of the abscess via the specially placed tube. Slowly but surely the volume that was flushed out each day decreased and the abscess was seen to contract in size. This reduction in size can be tracked in the progressive ultrasound images.

Manuka is now much happier and back to his usual self. The surgical drain has been removed, his abdomen has fully healed and the abscess has reduced down to a mere 3cm as of his most recent check-up on the 20th of April.


Ultrasound 1

Ultrasound 2

Ultrasound 3

Ultrasound 4

Ultrasound 5

Manuka in surgery

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