Gelding Can Be a Complicated Business

Infections after gelding can result in a condition called Schirrous Cord. This describes abscessation of the spermatic cord and surrounding tissues extending up towards the abdomen. This condition is usually seen 2-4 weeks after gelding if complications are to occur. Contamination with bacteria of an open gelding wound is the cause of this unfortunate condition.

The problem can only be resolved surgically under general anaesthesia. The infected tissue is identified and resected away to leave only healthy tissue in the wound cavity. Antibiotics are given after surgery to ensure infection does not occur again.

The chance of this occurring following gelding can be reduced by ensuring the horse is kept in a clean environment. The wound needs to drain after surgery to prevent the build-up of blood and serum in the cavity left after the removal of the testicles. If swelling or discharge is seen after surgery you should contact your veterinarian to stop this condition progressing.

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