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South Eastern Equine Hospital
359 Hallam-Belgrave Road
Narre Warren North
Victoria 3804

03 8790 4922
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Equine Surgery is performed by a registered veterinary specialist. We cover all areas of general equine surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery
forms a significant part of our surgical caseload. Arthroscopy, or keyhole surgery of joints and other synovial cavities is undertaken for traumatic problems, developmental conditions (OCD) or infectious conditions. Our surgery is also fully equipped for repair of fractures (where appropriate).

We perform a large number of Colic Surgeries at our hospital. We have great success with these cases and attribute this to our surgical expertise and also our meticulous post-operative care of these patients.

Respiratory Surgery for throat problems, for example Roarers, Soft Palate problems, Epiglottic entrapment makes up another significant part of our surgical caseload.

Dental and Sinus Surgery, and Reproductive Surgery are also offered at our hospital. Many of these surgeries are performed standing, under sedation with local anaesthesia.

Equine Internal Medicine
investigations are also carried out by a registered veterinary specialist.

disease can be fully investigated, including echocardiography and electrocardiography.

Respiratory disorders of the upper and lower respiratory tracts are assessed using endoscopy, ultrasonography and digital x-ray. These diseases can often be further defined for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes using techniques such as trans-tracheal washes and broncho-alveolar lavage.

Weight Loss, Eye problems, Dermatological disorders and Intensive Care of Foals are medical problems we frequently encounter and have the capabilities to assess and treat.

Lameness Investigations

These are carried out in our lameness area, which comprises of hard surface and soft surface areas for straight line and lunged trot ups. We also have a full sized ménage if examination under saddle is required. Diagnostic nerve blocks, digital x-ray, and high quality ultrasound are used to arrive at a definitive diagnosis.

South Eastern Equine Hospital has recently purchased the Equinosis Lameness Locator. This helps our veterinarians to objectively identify lameness in horses using inertial sensors. Response to nerve blocks can be compared to the baseline lameness, providing quantitative data that helps to reach a definitive diagnosis in difficult lameness cases.

Poor Performance Investigations

Undertaken at the hospital. Ensuring horses are performing at their peak level is important. Subtle lameness problems, respiratory disorders, or cardiac insufficiencies may have an impact on your horse’s ability to perform at their very best. Examination of the horse, followed by an armoury of diagnostic tests can be used to investigate these conditions and formulate appropriate therapy.

Artificial Insemination and Reproductive medicine and surgery

We have considerable experience in this area. Artificial insemination using either fresh, frozen or chilled semen can be undertaken. Semen can also be collected at our facility for immediate use or for shipping to other areas. We also offer embryo transfer and fertility investigations. A full range of reproductive surgery can also be performed. For example repair of post-foaling injuries and correction of conformational problems which have lead to poor fertility or foetal loss.