Additional Equine Services

Performance, Reproduction, and Other Horse Health Services.

Additional Equine Services

Performance, Reproduction, and Other Horse Health Services.

“Excellent staff who go above and beyond, operated half the night to save my horse, can’t thank them enough for all their assistance.”
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“Fantastic care, treatment and advice. Very happy to have my horse home and well.”
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Emergency Equine Care

At South Eastern Equine hospital our team of highly qualified Vets and Nurses are on hand to deal with emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including Public Holidays.  This ensures that first class treatment can be extended to your horse regardless of the time of day or night.

Emergency treatments are aided with advanced imaging such as digital radiography and ultrasonography as well as stall side laboratory work including blood gas analysis.

Common after-hours emergencies range from lacerations through to colic and an experienced team is always available for emergency surgery and to provide the necessary intensive aftercare and monitoring throughout the night.

Make sure to save the clinic number in your phone to have it on hand should you experience an unfortunate after-hours emergency. The clinic can be contacted 24/7 on 03 8790 4922 with prompts to follow to the on-duty Veterinarians.

Routine Equine Care

Health Checks

Regular check-ups are the key to your horse enjoying a long, happy, and healthy life. Consistent visits help us spot problems before they become serious and to better understand your horse’s normal condition.


We are able to advise on and provide a full range of equine vaccinations. Our team can assist with standard and personalised vaccination schedule

Routine Dentistry

Oral and dental health can have a significant impact on a horse’s wellbeing, performance and lifespan.

At South Eastern Equine hospital, we offer all aspects of equine dental care from routine dentistry to more advanced extractions, dental advice and education. We also consult regularly with a Registered European specialist in Equine dentistry in the UK.

Our equine veterinarians have a particular interest and training in equine dentistry. They have the skills and equipment required for both routine and advanced procedures involved in treating oral and dental diseases and injuries.

Equine Lameness Investigations

Lameness and poor performance, especially in competition horses, can be caused by a number of different reasons and can be due to a number of factors. Lameness can often be difficult to diagnose and often requires specialist investigation. The majority of our lameness cases will be examined by a specialist in Equine Surgery who is experienced in the work-up of complex lameness cases. All

lameness examinations are performed with the aid of the Equinosis Lameness Locator ( The lameness locator provides an objective analysis of the horse’s gait and provides useful information regarding a change in gait following nerve blocks.

We have a dedicated area where our vets can examine your horse for lameness which includes two trot up areas, a round yard, full size arena and an area for lunging on a hard surface. Our full size arena allows our vets to examine your horse when ridden if the lameness is better observed under saddle.

Nerve blocks are performed following our initial examination to localise the lameness to a specific region. Diagnostic imaging (digital x-ray and ultrasound) is then used to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Following determination of a diagnosis, treatments can be prescribed and rehabilitation programs recommended to aid your horse’s recovery.

Poor Equine Performance Investigation

Undertaken at the hospital. Ensuring horses are performing at their peak level is important. Subtle lameness problems, respiratory disorders, or cardiac insufficiencies may have an impact on your horse’s ability to perform at their very best. Examination of the horse, followed by an armoury of diagnostic tests can be used to investigate these conditions and formulate appropriate therapy.

Pre-Purchase Examination

South Eastern Equine Hospital is proud to offer a range of pre-purchase examinations to match any buyer’s requirements. A full pre-purchase examination (or a “Vet-Check”) allows an informed and considered purchase in what can be a relatively stressful experience. From a simple trot-up and health exam to more advanced image series we are always able to tailor an exam to suit your needs.

Equine Ophthalmology

We offer expert advice and treatment for equine eye and vision conditions. Help your horse enjoy a happier and more productive life with clear and effective vision.

South Eastern Equine Hospital call upon the services of equine eye specialist vet, Anu O’Reilly. Her website can be seen here:

Equine Reproduction

We have considerable experience in this area. Artificial insemination using either fresh, frozen or chilled semen can be undertaken. Semen can also be collected at our facility for immediate use or for shipping to other areas. We also offer embryo transfer and fertility investigations. A full range of reproductive surgery can also be performed. For example repair of post-foaling injuries and correction of conformational problems which have lead to poor fertility or foetal loss.

Artificial Insemination

We offer a comprehensive AI service using fresh, chilled, or frozen semen.

For artificial insemination with frozen semen, mares require a short stay at the hospital to permit close monitoring of the progression of oestrus, and insemination at the point of ovulation.

Insemination with fresh or chilled semen requires slightly less intensive monitoring than with frozen semen, so these mares can be managed as out-patients in most cases.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer involves recovering an embryo from a donor mare and its subsequent transfer into a recipient mare.

Embryos are recovered approximately 6-7 days after conception, via non-surgical flushing of the donor mare’s uterus.

At South Eastern Equine Hospital we do not have a recipient mare herd, so recovered embryos are transported to Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital for transfer into a suitable recipient mare.

Fertility Investigation

At South Eastern Equine we are able to thoroughly investigate “problem mares”.

Investigation of these mares can include:

  • Full physical examination
  • Examination of external reproductive conformation
  • Rectal examination and rectal ultrasonographic examination of the uterus and ovaries
  • Vaginal examination
  • Uteroscopy (examination of the uterus with the aid of an endoscope)
  • Uterine culture
  • Uterine cytology
  • Uterine biopsy
  • Hormone testing

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“Thank you so much for helping our big mate Woody!! All the staff did an excellent job from referral to op to aftercare. Very friendly and answered all questions – even when they’re exhausted from being fabulous at fixing our equine friends. My family and I are exceptionally thankful for all your help!!! Wish I could give you 10 stars!!!”
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“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at SEEH – especially Gareth and Jess who ultimately saved my pride and joy horse after she cut her hind leg to the bone quite horrifically. 5 months on and two leg casts she’s now recovering and I have the SEEH team to thank for all their help and answering of any questions I’ve had.”
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